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September 6, 2016 2 Comments

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend! 🙂 I had quite a few adventures this weekend, so stay tuned for blog posts on it soon!

I cannot believe everything I did in August! When I was going through the pictures for this post, I was so surprised that all of them were just from one month. My biggest excited for August was that I moved!!! I’m still in Philly, just in a new apartment with just Annika and me (I have pictures up of my new apartment!)

I also took a long weekend trip to Chincoteague Island (you can check out my recap posts on my trip here and here), did a couple of photoshoots for some bloggers (contact me if you’re interested in doing a photoshoot!), and wrote a LOT of articles for Acculturated (you can find my list of articles on the Olympics, Gene Wilder, and Millennials here). 

All these photos came from Instagram (you can follow me!) and were taken on my iPhone since my beloved Blackberry died last month (I’m still in mourning). If this is your first Instagram post with me, you can check out my first Instagram post for more information!

August I2

Clockwise from top left

1. Annika tried to help me pack…mostly by rolling around on my clothes and trying to figure out what packaging tape is used for

2. My first adult purchase for my apartment! I got this awesome antique mirror from Room for Love Philly

3. Moving and unpacking was exhausting for poor Annika!

4. I finished decorating my apartment and created a gallery wall! I have a blog post with 7 tips for creating a gallery wall here (plus I included free printables on the post!)

August I4

1. My new apartment is closer to the Schuylkill River Trail, so I’ll be spending a lot more time around there!

2. Lola from Found in Philadelphia organized a PHLbloggers trip to Bulk Vintage, and it’s one of my new favorite stores. They had sooooo much too chose from and an ENTIRE BOX just for Nordic sweaters! You guys know I’m obsessed with Scandinavia, so of course I got a Nordic sweater and I also got a wool cape, so now I just need some winter weather so I can finally wear them.

3. I’ve been exploring my new neighborhood and love finding all the murals around Philadelphia

4. I went down to Penn’s Landing one evening, and this HUGE ship was going by so quickly that I couldn’t even get it all in the picture

August I1

1. The restaurants at Chincoteague were pretty awesome (I have a list of restaurant recommendations here)

2. My college roommate joined me at Chincoteague!

3. I just love sunsets on the water

4. It was hot, but it was so bright and beautiful!

August I3

1. Annika got a bath! Fun fact about huskies, they’re only supposed to be bathed once or twice a year, so this was Annika’s first bath since November

2. For anyone in Philly, Rob is trying to meet 10,000 people and hang out for an hour! I was number 267, and Annika gave us a hilarious picture! You can read my interview about Vikings and how I moved to Philly on his post here

3. It was National Dog Day, so I couldn’t resist posting a picture of this cutie

4. At Chincoteague, Annika got to go swimming for the very first time!! She was a little confused at first, but really enjoyed it. This is actually a screenshot from a video of her swimming, and you can watch the whole video on my Instagram here

August I5

1. Holl and Lane featured some more of my photos! This one was taken in Charleston

2. This is another photo from a photoshoot that Holl and Lane featured

3. And another photo!

4. This is another photo from a photoshoot with dietitian blogger Raquel

August I6

1. This is from a photoshoot with fashion blogger Gurpreet

2. Also from the photoshoot with Gurpreet

3. This one was posted by fashion blogger Melissa, and she did a post on her blog with some more photos that you can see here

4. Fashion blogger Kendall posted this photo from the photoshoot

That was my busy August at a glance! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up with my busy September! 🙂 

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    September 9, 2016

    Looks like you had an awesome August!! So cool you and Rob met!

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      September 9, 2016

      That was thanks to you! 😉 Meeting him was a lot of fun!



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