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Hi! I’m Julia, a travel photographer in Philadelphia. After I moved from North Carolina to Philly (and adopted Annika the husky), and I decided to create this travel photography blog to document my new adventures in Philadelphia and around the world! 🙂 When I’m not traveling, I’m attending grad school and I run my own business, Julia Renee Consulting, LLC!

So to get to know me better, here are 9 fun facts about me:

  • I’m a huge history and Viking nerd. Because of my obsession with Vikings, I spent a semester studying them in Denmarkand I spent my last semester in college researching and writing a 45-page thesis disputing Viking stereotypes using Icelandic sagas. I love all things Scandinavia, and I just took a class on Old Norse at Fordham University and I volunteer at the local American Swedish museum. I recently spent another month studying Vikings in Denmark and I’m now a graduate student at Villanova University! 

Nyhavn in Copenhagen

Old City Philadelphia engagement photoshoot

  • I have traveled to 14 countries and territories: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, Northern Ireland, France, Ireland, Mexico, Italy, The Bahamas, the Faroe Islands, Germany, Austria, and four Canadian provinces. I’ve also visited 42 U.S. states, almost 30 U.S. Presidential homes (fun fact: Ulysses S. Grant’s wife’s name was Julia Dent!), and numerous National Parks (my favorite is Yellowstone).
  • When I travel, I love finding hidden gems, exploring small towns, and capturing local life, which you’ll see a lot of in my posts. I’m also pretty obsessed with taking photos of colorful places.

Bassano del Grappa

  • Like I mentioned before, I run my own business! I founded Julia Renee Consulting, LLC, and I do SEO consulting and Pinterest strategy for small businesses. I documented my journey from quitting my job to failing as a freelancing to becoming a business owner on my freelancing posts
  • I’m the second oldest of five kids (3 boys and 2 girls!).
  • I LOVE spicy food! I put Cajun seasoning on almost everything, and I never eat popcorn without it 🙂 

Bassano del Grappa

  • In college, I created my own major (Journalism) and had five minors: Photography, International Studies, History, Environmental Sustainability, and Professional Writing. I did all that (as well as lots of jobs) because my dream job is to be a photojournalist for National Geographic!
  • I am obsessed with old film cameras, and I collect old black-and-white photographs. I’m hoping to have a darkroom in my future house!

Hiking in the Faroe Islands

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Disclaimer: All photographs are taken by and copyrighted by Julia Dent Bocchese unless otherwise indicated. Use of any of my photos for any purpose is violating copyright law. 

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