If you want to take a trip to Florida, Fort Myers is an amazing place to visit! (I think it’s way better than Miami or Orlando). From historic houses to beautiful beaches and wild dolphins, Fort Myers has it all. But if you want to see more of Florida while you’re there, these are the […]


Did you know that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford spent their winters in Fort Myers, FL? I didn’t before my parents moved there a year ago, and since then, I’ve taken a tour of the Edison & Ford Winter Estates three times already! It’s fascinating to see the historical houses and labs, and the gardens […]


Last week I had my last post on my adventures in the Deep South, and after visiting New Orleans, Alabama, and Mississippi, I went to Florida to visit my family. They recently moved to Fort Myers, and I visited them last March and wrote a post about some hidden gems there, and I’ve visited them twice […]

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