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Understand Your DSLR and Improve Your Photography

If you’ve been keeping your camera in Auto mode because the Manual modes are overwhelming, don’t worry, I’ve been there.

DSLRs (digital single-lens reflex cameras) can be confusing, so that’s why I created this online photography course! I scrimped and saved to buy my Nikon D60 in high school, but I kept it on Auto mode because no matter how much I read about shutter speed and aperture, it didn’t stick. It wasn’t until my photography classes in college that I finally learned and understood how all the functions worked – and my photos improved immediately. After I improved and established myself as a photographer, I started winning awards and getting pictures published in magazines, newspapers, and blogs! (you can view some my experiences here)

In Understand Your DSLR and Improve Your Photography, I’ll go over shutter speed, ISO, and f-stop and how to adjust them by using the Manual modes on your DSLR. All the videos are short and sweet, and I’ve included lots of helpful graphics plus a guided worksheet to help give you direction with your practice. PLUS, you’ll get access to a private Facebook group to ask me questions and get feedback on your photos! You get lifetime access to everything for a one time payment of only $29!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion blogger or an aspiring photojournalist or even if you just want to take better photos of your kids, understanding how to use your camera will improve any kind of picture– everything from flatlays to travel or food photography. And having high-quality photographs will even boost your Instagram following- I’ve seen it for myself!

So sign up today and see your photography improve tomorrow!

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“I’ve had a DSLR for years, but have never felt like I was using my camera to its full potential. Julia was very patient with all my questions, even when I asked the same thing more than once! Following her photo prompt worksheets has already led to an improvement in my photos. There’s a lot to learn about shooting in manual, but Julia is a wonderful resource.” -Sarah, workshop student and blogger at Shades of Sarah

Understand Your DSLR and Improve Your Photography

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