Fun Things to Do and Attractions in Holland, MI



When I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we took a trip over to Holland, and it was such a cute town to explore! It’s only about a 30 minute drive from Grand Rapids, so it’s an easy day or half day trip. If you’re looking for things to do, these are some of the top attractions in Holland, MI!

Things to do and attractions in Holland

Fun Things to Do and Attractions in Holland, MI

Explore and shop downtown

Holland isn’t very big, so the downtown area is only a few blocks and it won’t take much time to explore. There are spots to sit and hang out (and a firepit when it’s cold), and there are lots of boutiques and cute shops to visit. If you’re interested in cuckoo clocks, be sure to check out the Holland Clock Company because they have a lot of cool stuff!

If you’re hungry, there are also some bakeries and a chocolate shop where you can pick up delicious snacks.

Chico's store in Holland, Michigan

Clock tower in in Holland, Michigan

Dutch bakery in Holland, Michigan

White church with columns in Holland, Michigan

Brick firepit in downtown Holland, Michigan

Fall decor in downtown Holland, Michigan

Downton Holland, Michigan

Art deco style building in Holland, Michigan

Get a cinnamon roll at the Windmill Restaurant

We were in Holland for breakfast, so we went to the Windmill Restaurant for food. The cinnamon rolls are locally famous and they’re huge with lots of icing! (I recommend getting one to share if you’re not super hungry). They also have homemade bread and lots of other options if you’re hungry.

Breakfast at the Windmill Cafe in Holland, Michigan

Explore Riverview Park

Riverview Park is a short walk away from the downtown area, and it’s a pretty park along the river where you can get views of the windmill. A lot of the trees had lost their leaves for autumn when we were there so the views of the river weren’t the best, so the views are probably better in the spring and summer. There weren’t many people in the park, so it was a nice peaceful place to walk around!

Riverview Park in Holland, Michigan

Windmill from Riverview Park in Holland, Michigan

Tree with red and orange leaves

Purple flowers with a bumblebee

Visit Windmill Island Gardens

One of the attractions in Holland, MI that you can’t miss is Windmill Island Gardens! It’s a little Dutch town that you can walk around, complete with a windmill that actually makes flour. It’s really cute, and I loved seeing all the colorful houses.

If you’re able to visit in the spring, be sure to go when tulips are blooming because they have a tulip festival. We were too late to see anything blooming, so I definitely want to go back in the spring!

Windmill in Holland, Michigan

Small buildings on Windmill Island Gardens

Windmill in Windmill Island Gardens

Dutch buildings in Windmill Island Gardens

Dutch buildings in Windmill Island Gardens

Windmill in Windmill Island Gardens

White footbridge in Windmill Island Gardens

Not everything was open when I visited, so here are some other things to see and attractions in Holland, MI:

The Holland Museum
-Beaches nearby
Nelis’ Dutch Village
Outdoor Discovery Center
Breweries and wineries

For such a small town, there’s lots to see and do! I hope you’re able to experience Holland, MI for yourself soon πŸ™‚

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  1. With a last name of Holland, we would definitely visit a town called Holland. We love to wander in small towns like this. And with a bakery and chocolate shop, we can’t lose. Good thing there are some lovely outdoor spots to walk off the calories.

  2. what the heck!! I’m from Michigan originally and never made it over to Holland for some reason. It looks like a great spot to visit. I might have to prioritize visiting here next time I’m back visiting Michigan.

  3. Kate says:

    Holland, MI looks so cute! I love the architecture, it is absolutely adorable. I would also love a cinnamon roll from the Windmill Restaurant, it sounds amazing!

  4. Riverview Park looks so lovely.. I’ve heard about this spot before (due to its name) but now you have me wanting to visit for sure!

  5. Amy says:

    Love the pictures!

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