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Hidden Gems & Amazing Seashells: Best Day Trips from Fort Myers

If you want to take a trip to Florida, Fort Myers is an amazing place to visit! (I think it’s way better than Miami or Orlando). From historic houses to beautiful beaches and wild dolphins, Fort Myers has it all. But if you want to see more of Florida while you’re there, these are the […]

What to Do in Fort Myers: Top 6 Things to Do on Your Fort Myers Vacation

Looking for what to do in Fort Myers on your vacation? There’s so much more than just going to the beach! (But the beach is amazing and you should go). Fort Myers is packed with history, wildlife, and dolphins (dolphins are everywhere), and if you’re looking for some unique experiences in Florida, these are the […]

Boat Ride in Bonita Springs: The Best Place to See Dolphins in Florida

I’ve had a few posts on seeing dolphins in Florida at the beaches in Bonita Springs (and you can see manatee!) and I did a boat ride from Marco Island before, but I’ve never seen so many dolphins as I did on a boat ride in Bonita Springs! It was such an awesome experience, and […]