Christiansborg Palace: Royal Reception Rooms and the Best Views of Copenhagen



Christiansborg Palace (or Christiansborg Slot) is one of favorite buildings in Copenhagen! It’s definitely worth visiting if you get the chance. You can see the Royal Reception Rooms filled with glittering chandeliers and my all time favorite library (it has gold balconies, just to give you an idea), plus, you can get the best views of Copenhagen from the top of tower of Christiansborg Palace- for free! 🙂

Christiansborg Palace: Royal Reception Rooms and the Best Views of Copenhagen

Christiansborg Palace

I think Christiansborg Palace is one of the most impressive buildings in Copenhagen! The building is simple but grand, and the tower with the three crowns is one of the coolest ones in the city’s skyline. The palace isn’t used for the royal family anymore, and it’s used by Denmark’s Parliament, making it one of the most beautiful parliament buildings I’ve ever seen! The rooms still look like the queen lives there though, so you’ll see tons of chandeliers and marble doorways.

View of Christiansborg

Christiansborg and the Stock Exchange building

The Stock Exchange building is another one of my favorites! How cool is the tower with dragons??


Christiansborg gates

Christiansborg palace

Christiansborg Christiansborg

I went on a tour of Christiansborg Palace when I studied abroad in Copenhagen 5 years ago, and they do have a student discount. You can pick and choose which places you want to see, but I would recommend doing at least a tour of the Royal Reception Rooms (90 krone) or you can do tours of everything in the palace (150 krone), including seeing the ruins of the previous castles. If you have a tight budget, the chapel is free, and I’ll talk about how you can get free views of the city in the tower further down!

For a little history on Christiansborg, it’s actually one of the newest palaces, and it was built in 1907. The first castle on that site was built in 1167, and a lot of different palaces were built there over the years. The royal family lived there until 1794, and it became the seat of parliament in 1849 and it’s home to the three supreme powers now. Even though it’s used for the government now, Christiansborg was built with Royal Reception Rooms for the royal family to use, which you can see on the tour.

Christiansborg chapel

The chapel (free to tour)


Christiansborg tour

Gold ceiling in Christiansborg

Marble doorway in Christiansborg

Christiansborg tour marble fireplace

Christiansborg tour dining room

Christiansborg tour

Christiansborg tour

Gold door in Christiansborg


Christiansborg tour

Christiansborg tour

Christiansborg library

My dream library! 🙂

Christiansborg library

Christiansborg gold staircase

The Best Views of Copenhagen

Canal in Copenhagen

Like I mentioned earlier, you can get the best views of Copenhagen for free! I actually didn’t know this when I was living in Copenhagen, but when I went back recently, I overheard a tour guide saying that you can go to the top of the tower for free. I’ve climbed to the top of the Round Tower and the Church of Our Savior, and I think Christiansborg has the best deal. The climb for the Round Tower is really cool because you go in circle, but the view is partially blocked by the fence. The climb for the Church of Our Savior is much tougher because you’re in very confined spaces with a lot of people, and the view is good but it’s hard to take pictures with lines of people behind you waiting their turn.

For Christiansborg Palace, you actually ride in an elevator most of the way and climb a staircase (with lots of room) for maybe two floors worth. There are large open windows to get a view from every angle, but you do have to step up a bit to take pictures without the ledge in them (I have a picture of the area at the end). I definitely think climbing the Round Tower and the Church of Our Savior are worth it (especially if you’re a photographer, the inside of the Round Tower is so cool!) but if you want an easy climb and the best views of Copenhagen for free, go to Christiansborg! 🙂 And if you want more free things to do in Copenhagen, check out my One Day in Copenhagen on a Budget post!

Aerial view of Copenhagen

Aerial view of Copenhagen

Aerial view of Copenhagen

Aerial view of Copenhagen

Aerial view of Christiansborg Aerial view of Copenhagen

Stock Exchange building in Copenhagen

I LOVE this view of the Stock Exchange building!

Aerial view of Copenhagen

View from Christiansborg

Aerial view of the Round Tower

Aerial view of Copenhagen

Aerial view of Copenhagen

Inside Christiansborg tower

They only allow a certain number of people up at time so you might have to wait your turn at a window, but the space doesn’t get crowded

So if you’re visiting Copenhagen, you need to visit Christiansborg Palace! You’ll see some beautiful, gold-covered rooms and some amazing views of the city for a price that can’t be beat 🙂

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  1. Julia says:

    That library though, what a beauty! This seems like a palace well worth visiting, I would love to have a tour of everything.
    The views over Copenhagen are beautiful too, I love getting panoramic views over cities and places I visit. It just feels so special!

    Julia x
    Last Post: How To Get Your Life Together |

  2. Hazel Joy says:

    When I began reading the blog post something looked familiar about the building, Julia. And it is – Christiansborg Palace is where the TV series Borgen is set. The pictures in your post are superb. Well done.

  3. Linda says:

    Never been to Copenhagen, but I def want to visit now that I’ve read your post. And your pics are spectacular! The castle, both inside & outside is so ornate. Enjoyed this very much.

  4. Emma Grace says:

    Wow I only went for the view when I was in Copenhagen – now I wish I’d gone for the palace tour too! That library is an absolute dream ????

  5. The structure of the building is the sign of the historical and luxury. The interior of this Christiansburg palace is stunning. Its still looks like a queen palace. The amazing interior makes this most beautiful parliament building. It’s so Royal. If I visit Copenhagen, I never miss to explore this Palace. Every traveler will crazy to visit here. Thanks for knowing us this wonderful thing about Copenhagen.

  6. Jojo Hua says:

    Oh my goodness! I literally just came back from Copenhagen and this was the one place on my list that I didn’t get to go inside. Your pictures look spectacular but it didn’t look this nice when I went. I think the weather was not as good, plus it was sooo windy the whole week I was there! Thank you for the lovely photos of the interior though, at least I still get to see the inside of the palace on your blog photos, even though I didn’t get to see it in person.

    • Julia says:

      Thanks! You should definitely take a tour of Christiansborg if you get to go back to Copenhagen! 🙂 It’s such an amazing place!

  7. #doorgoals LOL if only, right? I know that I’m officially old now when I see chandeliers like that and just think about how annoying they would be to dust.

  8. Sarah says:

    Really enjoyed looking through this! <3

  9. The views are absolutely stunning and I love the architecture! I’m definitely adding Copenhagen to my travel bucket list.

  10. Emily says:

    Wow, I’m blown away by the views! It’s so interesting hearing about places and the little details behind each building. I s’pose when you’re there, you have so much going on that theres just not enough time to get every piece of information in right there and then.
    These are some beautiful pictures as per usual Darling. (I spelt this comment right, finally! haha)???????? xoxo

  11. Tonya Moken says:

    Those views… omg! They are beautiful! I love that you can get some of these views from the Christiansborg Palace for free.

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