3 Laura Ingalls Wilder Homes to Visit in the Midwest



The whole inspiration behind my Iowa road trip was to visit Laura Ingalls Wilder’s homes in the area! We visited Burr Oak in Iowa, Walnut Grove in Minnesota, and DeSmet in South Dakota. Since the Ingalls family moved around pretty often, some of the sites were more significant than others, so if you’re looking for Laura Ingalls Wilder homes to visit, these are my recommendations!

3 Laura Ingalls Wilder Homes to Visit in the Midwest

Burr Oak

After we visited Decorah, Iowa, we stopped by Burr Oak to visit the Masters Hotel. The Ingalls family lived here 1876-1877, so they weren’t in Burr Oak for very long. The family worked in the hotel after leaving Walnut Grove after the grasshopper plagues, and Grace was born while they were in Burr Oak.

Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Burr Oak

Room with two antique desks

White dresses hanging on a wall and bed

Since the Ingalls family didn’t live in Burr Oak for very long, there aren’t many artifacts in the museum relating to Laura’s life. So most of the items in the hotel are just historical pieces from the time that Laura had lived there. But even though there weren’t many things to see that related to the Ingalls family, the tour guide was very knowledgeable about their time in the hotel and explained the significance of each of the rooms.

But what the hotel lacks in historic artifacts, it does have one historical advantage- it’s the only childhood home of Laura that is on its original site. The rest haven’t survived or have been moved.

Old fashioned organ

Small covered wagon at the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum

Old fashioned school bell

Walnut Grove

The Ingalls family actually lived in Walnut Grove, Minnesota twice, before and after living in Burr Oak.

Field of wildflowers

Plum Creek with trees overhanging

Plum Creek

The first place the Ingalls family lived in Walnut Grove was in a dugout on Plum Creek, which hasn’t survived the years. There’s a plaque and a roped off area marking where the dugout was, and the family also had a house on the land later that also hasn’t survived. So there isn’t much to actually see at Plum Creek, but you can explore some of the creek and the prairie around it and feel like you’re in her books!

Sign at Laura Ingalls Wilder dugout home

Grassy spot where Laura Ingalls Wilder's dugout was

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum

Also in Walnut Grove is the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum that you can visit. This honestly wasn’t our favorite Laura museum on our trip. The museum itself was pretty small, and a lot of it was actually about the TV show and not the actual life of the Ingalls family. There are some different buildings outside that you can check out, too, but they are replicas or just historic buildings that aren’t related to Laura’s life.

So you can still learn some things at the museum (especially if you’re a fan of the show), but I preferred visiting Plum Creek!

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove

Laura Ingalls Wilder's museum in Walnut Grove

Replica of a small wooden church

Small white Victorian house

Replica of a dugout house

Room with historic stove and furniture

De Smet

Our last stop was in De Smet, South Dakota, which was my favorite Laura Ingalls Wilder home to visit! The Ingalls family lived in De Smet for several years, starting in 1879, so there are a few different locations around the town that are significant to Laura’s life.

Laura Ingalls Wilder statue

The Surveyor House

You start the museum tour at the Surveyor House, which is where the Ingalls family stayed in the winter of 1879-1880 when they first moved to De Smet. The house itself is pretty small, but you can also visit the school that Laura and Carrie attended.

Laura Ingalls Wilder house in DeSmet

Historic bed with quilt

Historic organ and fiddle

Laura Ingalls Wilder statue outside a white building

Historic blackboard with chalk drawing

When they were restoring the old school, they found an old blackboard that still had writings and drawings on it from the 1800s!

Historic school room

Laura Ingalls Wilder memorial society plaque and covered wagon

Ingalls Home

The second part of the tour continues at the Ingalls Home that Pa built in 1887. Laura’s parents and sister Mary lived here for many years, so this house has lots of historic artifacts from the family!

Laura Ingalls Wilder house and museum


Laura Ingalls Wilder room with old Bible and dresser

Old fashioned organ

Old fashioned furnace

De Smet Cemetery

Laura and her family are buried in the cemetery in De Smet, so you can stop by and pay your respects. It isn’t far off the driveway and there are markers, so their graves aren’t hard to find.

Laura Ingalls Wilder gravesite

Ingalls Homestead

The Ingalls Homestead is the land that the Ingalls family lived on before Pa built their house in town. The buildings on the land aren’t related to the Ingalls family, so the homestead is more to see the land that they lived on and experience what it was like to live there.

There is a historic farm, church, and school that you can visit, and you can even ride horses and go for a covered wagon ride! If you have kids, the homestead has lots of activities that they would enjoy.

Farmhouse on prairie in DeSmet

Horse with a covered wagon

Brown horse with a colt

Old fashioned prairie house

Old fashioned farm kitchen

Old prairie schoolhouse

Old fashioned schoolhouse

Prairie grass

Old fashioned prairie church

So out of all the homes and museums we visited, the Laura Ingalls Wilder homes in De Smet were my favorite! There was a lot to see and do there, and it was fun to be able to experience different aspects of the Ingalls’ lives. There are other homes I need to visit, so comment if you have any recommendations.

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  1. Denise Wilburn says:

    the homes in Mansfield Missouri are wonderful. there is the original house almanzo built Laura plus the rock house that rose built her parents.

  2. Judy M Sinner says:

    My sis and I are road tripping right now to see all the sites. We have been to Independence, KS, Mansfield, MO, Pepin, WI. Tomorrow we are going to Walnut Grove. We are also going to De Smet, Spring Valley, MN and Burr Oak. A trip to Mansfield would most certainly be worth your time. It is where she and Almanzo settled. You get to tour the house they built, just as it was the day Laura died and the Stonehouse that Rose built for them. Pa’s fiddle is in the museum there.

  3. Faye Ann Witt says:

    I’ve actually have all the Little House books plus the Little House series but have never visited any of the historical sites where Laura and her family lived, would like to one day I think it would be so cool to actually see the sites Laura talked about in her books.

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