9 Awesome Things to Do in One Day in Baltimore



Baltimore is the perfect day trip from Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. (or anywhere in between), and there’s so much you can see in a day! I grew up in Maryland going to Baltimore for family trips or field trips as a kid, and I finally went back for a day trip from Philadelphia. If you’re planning a day trip, these are my top 9 things to do in one day in Baltimore! 🙂

Guide to one day in Baltimore

9 Awesome Things to Do in One Day in Baltimore

Visit Fell’s Point

I love seeing historic neighborhoods when I travel, and Fell’s Point was so pretty! It was quiet and charming, and I had some great food there, too. It’s right outside of downtown Baltimore, so it’s easy to get to and spend an hour or two walking around (and eating).

Houses in Fell's Point, Baltimore

Houses in Fell's Point, Baltimore

Colorful houses in Fell's Point, Baltimore

Houses in Fell's Point, Baltimore

Tour Little Italy

Little Italy is one of the most famous parts in Baltimore. I didn’t get a chance to eat here the last time I went, but you know Little Italy has some pretty great food! It’s a quaint part of town, and I love how they have street signs in Italian and fire hydrants painted the colors of the Italian flag.

Little Italy in Baltimore

Restaurants in Little Italy in Baltimore

Painted sign in Little Italy in Baltimore

Church in Little Italy in Baltimore

Painted fire hydrant in Little Italy in Baltimore

Houses in Little Italy in Baltimore

See Mount Vernon and the George Peabody Library

Mount Vernon is a beautiful part of town! I loved the historic architecture, and there are lots of shops and restaurants. Plus, the George Peabody Library is in Mount Vernon, and it’s one of the most beautiful libraries in the world! The library alone is worth a visit to Baltimore.

Mount Vernon in Baltimore

George Peabody Library in Baltimore

George Peabody Library

George Peabody Library in Baltimore

George Peabody Library in Baltimore

Shops in Mount Vernon, Baltimore

Shops in Mount Vernon, Baltimore

See Edgar Allan Poe’s grave

Edgar Allan Poe is a famous Baltimore resident, and he’s buried at a church in downtown Baltimore. He actually didn’t have a marked grave for many years, but today he has a monument and some plaques with information about his life and writings.

Edgar Allan Poe grave

Edgar Allan Poe grave

Tour the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum

I actually didn’t know that Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore. But he was born and raised in Baltimore until he was recruited, and you can visit his birth place and museum in Baltimore! They still have the same furniture and everything that Babe Ruth would have had as a child, even the same bed he was born in. They added a museum onto the house, so you can learn all about his famous career!

Babe Ruth house and museum

Babe Ruth house and museum

Babe Ruth house and museum

Babe Ruth house and museum

Catch a game at Camden Yards

Camden Yards is, coincidentally, right near Babe Ruth’s home. If the Orioles are playing, you should watch a game!

Camden Yards baseball park

Walk along the Inner Harbor

Can you really say you’ve been to Baltimore if you don’t see the water? The Inner Harbor is open with pretty views of the water and city! You can take a boat ride if you want, but just walking along the water will give you some good views! The Inner Harbor is a popular spot, so most of the restaurants are your typical touristy restaurants so I recommend going elsewhere for food (I recommend Fell’s Point!).

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Baltimore Inner Harbor

See sea creatures at the Baltimore Aquarium

I didn’t go to the Baltimore Aquarium this trip because I had been so many times as a kid, but the aquarium is great! And you can definitely fit it in for one day in Baltimore. You can see some really incredible wildlife, and you have connections, you can try to go swimming with the dolphins like my little brother tried to when he was a toddler!

Swimming with dolphins at Baltimore Aquarium

Eat crab cakes

Did you really experience Baltimore if you didn’t have crab cakes? Crab cakes are a Baltimore necessity! There are lots of great places to get crab cakes so you can’t really go wrong (just don’t go to a chain restaurant on the Inner Harbor), and I got a pretty great crab cake sandwich at Penny Black in Fell’s Point.

Crab cakes at Penny Black in Baltimore

If you just have one day in Baltimore, you can still see a lot of amazing sights! Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. have a lot of amazing things to see and do (and eat), but make sure you take time to check out the sights in Baltimore when you’re in the area!

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  1. Ro says:

    I love Baltimore! It’s such a fun and easy day-trip from the Philly area! These are some great ideas for a day trip! I haven’t visited quite a few of these places yet though so I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing some of these in a future trip!

  2. Nikki says:

    Wow, what a picturesque city with lots to do. This is a great and helpful guide.

  3. supal says:

    I DID NOT realize how colorful Baltimore was?! Need to pack my bags!

  4. What an amazing list of things to do while visiting Baltimore. My mother is from Baltimore and I have always wished to visit. I am pinning this for future reference.

  5. Darcy says:

    Baltimore looks so great. I lived in Northern Virginia for a couple of years and am so kicking myself that I didn’t make time to visit. I would definitely do Edgar Allen Poe, the library, Babe Ruth’s home and Camden Yards.

  6. Catherine says:

    Your photos are inspiring me to plan my trip to Baltimore! Little Italy looks like such a quint area and I’ll definitely include this stop in my itinerary.

  7. Kim says:

    Lots of great photos and ideas of what to do in Baltimore. Another place I’ll have to visit in the U.S. now.

  8. Amy M Dent says:

    Great photos!! I have not been inside the library, so I definitely need to check it out! Love the picture from 1998 at the aquarium! lol

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