Matt and I went all over Austria and Germany on our honeymoon, and Innsbruck was our favorite place! It’s a gorgeous town, and the backdrop of the Alps is spectacular. We spent one day in Innsbruck, but I wish we could have stayed longer! I will definitely be back again to see more, but if […]


I mentioned before that my favorite thing about Innsbruck was that it’s not only a beautiful town, but it’s right in the beautiful Alps! If you love visiting nature and cities when you travel, Innsbruck is the place for you. In Innsbruck, you can walk around the town and take in the sights, and you […]


You probably know by now that Matt and I went on our honeymoon to the Austrian Alps and Bavaria, and it was amazing! Since I’m a photographer, I take a lot of great photos of Matt when we travel, but other than some selfies, we really didn’t have many good photos of the two of […]

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