Take the Innsbruck Cable Car in the Alps for Amazing Views!



I mentioned before that my favorite thing about Innsbruck was that it’s not only a beautiful town, but it’s right in the beautiful Alps! If you love visiting nature and cities when you travel, Innsbruck is the place for you.

In Innsbruck, you can walk around the town and take in the sights, and you can also take a cable car up the mountains to get views of Innsbruck from the top. It was one of my favorite things we did in Innsbruck because the views were just spectacular, and it was a nice to get out of the busy city and relax in some peace and quiet. If you want to escape from the city for a bit, this is how you can take the Innsbruck cable car to get amazing views of the town and mountains!

How to take the Innsbruck cable car for spectacular views

Take the Innsbruck Cable Car in the Alps for Amazing Views!

Innsbruck river views

Chalet on mountain in Innsbruck

Innsbruck cable car info

After you’ve had your fill of exploring Innsbruck, you can take the cable car to the top! It’s a pretty fun ride, and you can see some cool views on the ride up. There are a few different options with the cable cars, and you can get more information on pricing and schedules on the Nordkette website.

If you’re just in Innsbruck for the day and on a budget, you can do what we did and take it to the first station in the mountains, Hungerburg, for about 10 euros roundtrip. It’s a quick ride, and you’ll get some beautiful views!

If you have more time and a bigger budget, there are some more options with the cable cars. For 17 euros, you can go to the Alpine Zoo, which is one of the highest elevated zoos in Europe. For 38 euros, you can go to the very top of Innsbruck! You’ll probably need some much warmer clothes up in the snowy mountains, but I definitely want to go back for those views.

If you want to visit the Alpine Zoo and go all the way to the top, you can get a deal for 43 euros.

Foggy Alps in Innsbruck

View of Innsbruck from Alps

Mountain chalet in Innsbruck

View of Innsbruck from mountains

Touring the Hungerburg stop

Hungerburg doesn’t have much to do other than take in the beautiful sights, but there are some pretty houses to see! You can probably see the whole area in about 15 minutes, but I do recommend taking the time to explore some.

Green door in Innsbruck

Yellow chalet in Austrian Alps

Chalet in Alps

Chalet in Austrian Alps

Church in Innsbruck

Red chalet in Austria

View of Innsbruck from mountains

Matt and I got VERY luck with weather in Innsbruck. It rained for our honeymoon up until the morning we went to Innsbruck, and about halfway through the morning, the clouds began to clear and the skies were blue. When it was still rainy and foggy, it was hard to see the mountains, so I’m not sure what these views would look like on a cloudy day.

Since it’s up in the mountains, it was a little chillier and breezier than down in Innsbruck. So make sure you dress in layers!

Innsbruck funicular station

Innsbruck city and Alps

Alps in Innsbruck

Alps in Innsbruck

Alps in Innsbruck

I highly recommend taking a cable car in Innsbruck if you have the time! The views were amazing, and it was nice to get outside the city and relax in the quiet while being surrounded by the Alps. And the next time I’m in Innsbruck, I want to take the cable care all the way to the top! 🙂

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  1. Mari says:

    Gorgeous! Would you say this is kid-friendly? We are looking to travel to that area.

    • Julia says:

      I would think so! I didn’t look into any kid activities while I was there, but the area is pretty small and very walkable. There are a lot of walking streets and parks, too.

  2. Tracy says:

    So gorgeous! This is definitely going on my bucket list!!

  3. Amy Dent says:


  4. Claire says:

    Ugh love the Alps! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Mayi says:

    Breathtaking! I wish I could take amazing pictures like these.
    Your photos made me want to travel to Innsbruck, especially break my piggy bank ♥
    I haven’t been to Austria yet (Vienna is top) but I love the architecture so this article is making me want to discover the city and the mountains!

  6. supal says:

    These photos are breathtaking! Glad you wrote this post because I would totally want to take advantage of the views!

  7. paula says:

    The view is so amazing. I really need to explore more of the Alps and that view is wonderful to plan an itinerary around it!

  8. Great photos – you got an amazing bluebird day!

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