7 Fun Things to Do on Daufuskie Island on Your Beach Vacation



Daufuskie Island is one of my favorite places in the US! (And I’ve been to 46 states so far, but few places compare to Daufuskie Island). It’s an island in South Carolina near Hilton Head, and it’s a pretty secluded place. I’ve been several times since I was 10 years old, and every time I go, the beaches are empty with only a handful of people. So if you’re looking for a relaxing retreat away from crowds, the island is the place for you, and these are 7 things to do on Daufuskie Island during your vacation! (Not included is golfing because I am not a golfer in the least πŸ™‚ )

7 Fun Things to Do on Daufuskie Island on Your Beach Vacation

Things to know before you go

I’ve only driven to Daufuskie Island, but if you want to fly, the nearest airport is the Savannah Airport.

No cars are allowed on Daufuskie Island! You get to the island by ferry, and you can rent a golf cart or bike while you’re there. Some areas only allow battery operated golf carts, so if you rent a gas golf cart, read the rules of where you’re allowed to go. And be aware that not all roads are paved, so when it rains, be careful where you drive!

Now let’s get to all the fun things to do on Daufuskie Island!

Go to the beach

Ok this is an obvious one, but I still had to include it! The beaches are beautiful and empty, and they’re great for strolling or biking along.

Sailboats anchored on the water

Footprints on beach at Daufuskie Island

Waves coming in on the beach at Daufuskie Island

Beach at trees at Daufuskie Island

Green beach grass

Palm trees against blue sky

White beach house on Daufuskie Island

John Cougar Melllencamp and Meg Ryan have a house on Daufuskie Island!

White beach chairs on a beach on Daufuskie Island

Bike around to see colorful houses

There’s nothing I love more than colorful houses, and Daufuskie Island has lots! πŸ™‚ I love biking riding around the island, and it’s a great way to see all the beautiful houses.

Orange and blue beach houses on Daufuskie Island

Purple beach house on Daufuskie Island

Pink beach house with trees on Daufuskie Island

Yellow beach house with front porch on Daufuskie Island

Bright blue beach house with white picket fence on Daufuskie Island

Light pink beach house with white picket fence on Daufuskie Island

Turquoise beach house with palm tree on Daufuskie Island

White Georgian style beach house with columns on Daufuskie Island

White house with green shutters and light red roof on Daufuskie Island

Bike around to see some nature

Since Daufuskie Island is fairly secluded, it’s a great area to get lost in nature! I’ve seen deer, alligators, tons and tons of different birds, and this past time, I saw a wild armadillo! Most of the island is covered in trees (which are covered in Spanish moss), so it’s a beautiful area to bike around for a few miles.

Spanish moss hanging from a tree

Large bird taking off in swamp on Daufuskie Island

Black bird with wings outstretched on fence by water

Wild armadillo on grass on Daufuskie Island

Blue heron by the water on Daufuskie Island

Waterway with grass on Daufuskie Island

Experience history

One of my favorite things to do on Daufuskie Island is learn about its history, and for such a small island, it has lots of history! Native Americans inhabited the island, and there are lots of artifacts of arrowheads and pottery, which you can see in the Daufuskie Island History Museum. Over time, people came to the island for land, and Huguenots came for protection from religious prosecution (fun fact: the last remaining Huguenot church in the US is in Charleston).

After the Civil War, Daufuskie Island became home to a large population of freed slaves who used to work the island’s plantations, and they founded the Gullah language and culture, which is a combination of English and African dialects. There’s a Gullah Bible and The Gullah Learning Center in the museum, and Gullah is still spoken on the island today!

Daufuskie Island History Museum

Organ and artifacts at the Daufuskie Island History Museum

Stone artifacts at Daufuskie Island History Museum

Midwife carriage at the Daufuskie Island History Museum

Historic white wooden church on Daufuskie Island

First Union African Baptist Church, the island’s oldest building and is still in use (I’ve been to some services!)

White wooden lighthouse with red roof on Daufuskie Island

Haig Point Lighthouse

Tabby concrete ruins on Daufuskie Island

There are tabby ruins in Haig Point from old slave quarters. Tabby is a type of building material made from ground oyster shells, sand and water, and it was introduced by Spanish settlers and used by British colonists later. The buildings that used tabby have far outlasted the wooden buildings on the island.

Tabby concrete ruins on Daufuskie Island

Historic meeting hall on Daufuskie Island

Brother and Sisters Oyster Union Society Building held many meetings and social events in the 1800s, and it’s recently been restored.

Gullah graveyard on Daufuskie Island

There are many cemeteries on Daufuskie Island, including several Gullah cemeteries. Their cemeteries are along the water so their spirits can be more easily taken home to Africa.

Gullah graveyard on Daufuskie Island

The Silver Dew Winery dates back to 1883, and it originally used to store oil, wicks and lamps for the Bloody Point Lighthouse. It was converted to a winery several years later by Arthur β€œPapy” Burn, and it remained a winery until 1959.

Silver Dew Winery on Daufuskie Island

Do some shopping

Daufuskie Island has some great local places to do shopping! Last time I went, I visited the Daufuskie Island Rum Co., and they have some great spiced rum. At the farmer’s market, I got some great peaches, honey, and homemade gumbo sauce!

Peaches and honey at farmer's market on Daufuskie Island

Woman getting produce at farmer's market on Daufuskie Island

Daufuskie Peach bars of soap on a table

Daufuskie Soap Co. has some of the best smelling soaps and lotions! I’ve gotten lots as gifts, and Ocean’s Spa is my favorite scent. It smells like orchids at the beach! If you can’t visit Daufuskie Island right now and still want some of Daufuskie Soap’s amazing products, you can order online and have them shipped.

Daufuskie Peach lotion and soap on a table

If you want some coffee or cold drink on a hot day, School Grounds Coffee is great! There were also some local artists selling their work in the yard while I was there if you want to do some more shopping.

School Grounds Coffee on Daufuskie Island

Visit the Daufuskie Community Farm

The Daufuskie Community Farm and Artisan Village is a volunteer run farm with lots of animals, gardens, and orchards. You can take a tour to see all the animals roaming around and learn about how the local farm runs!

Daufuskie Island Community Farm

Black and brown rooster with red head at farm on Daufuskie Island

Chicken house at Daufuskie Island Community Farm

Garden with herbs and flowers at Daufuskie Island Community Farm

Black and white goat and brown and white goat eating hay

Guineafowl on Daufuskie Island Community Farm

Grey building with stained glass rooster window at Daufuskie Island Community Farm

Take a horseback ride around the island

The one of things to do on Daufuskie Island that I actually haven’t done yet is gone for a horseback ride! I’m not the best on horseback, but I do love visiting the horses at the farms there. But if you’re better at riding a horse than I am, there are lots of different places where you can book a tour around the island!

Two teenage girls petting a white horse on Daufuskie Island

Brown and white horse and white horse on farm on Daufuskie Island

Two white horses and brown house on farm on Daufuskie Island

If you’re looking for things to do on Daufuskie Island during your vacation, you can’t go wrong with any of these 7 things! It’s an amazing and relaxing place to take your next vacation πŸ™‚

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  1. Robyn Cattey says:

    I toured in April, 2023. Looking to purchase Daufuskie shirts, gifts, as nothing was open in April. The Ferry had a stroke of interest, but not open . TY

  2. Kathi Bland says:

    My sister and I are going to Hilton Head and I was in Savannah in February I missed going to the island last trip but want to go this time.

  3. I’ve never heard of this island, but it looks like such a cute little getaway!! Now you have me wanting to visit South Carolina!

  4. Taylor says:

    So many lovely photos! I like the idea of a bike ride or horseback riding to explore the area.

  5. Charlotte says:

    I wish I’d known of this pla e when I was in the US it looks and sounds amazing!

  6. I I had never heard of Daufuskie Island before this! It looks amazing! I love the colorful houses, and quiet beaches! Biking around would be so much fun!

  7. Gabby says:

    Hi! I have never actually heard of Daufuskie Island before but it looks amazing! I will be adding it to my bucket list. Also, your photography is awesome!

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