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One Day in Biloxi, Mississippi

If you’re just tuning into my adventures in the Deep South, Biloxi, Mississippi was my last stop! I had never heard of Biloxi before researching places to visit on the coast of Mississippi, and I’m so happy we decided to check it out. It has beautiful beaches and a really interesting history! 🙂  Biloxi, Mississippi […]

Beignet Done That! Seven Amazing Restaurants in New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its food, and it did not disappoint. I didn’t have a single bad meal while I was there! I went to a variety of restaurants and everything I tried was delicious, and surprisingly, everything was cheaper than I expected. The most I paid was $20 for a three course meal! […]

Long Eddy, NY: The Perfect Weekend Escape from Philadelphia and New York City

I love living in Philadelphia, but sometimes the noisy city life can be a bit much. I hadn’t taken Annika on a trip to a new place in over a year, so I decided to take a weekend vacation in pretty much the middle of nowhere. I’ve been wanting to visit the Poconos but couldn’t […]

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