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Alright, let’s get started!

I don’t often venture to downtown Philadelphia because it’s a bit of a hike, but I need to go more often because it’s so nice! There are a lot of museums, churches, libraries, and open spaces to explore. I was walking Annika and there were a lot of runners out and about, so it seems like a good place to be active. I also really like the mix of old architecture and statues with modern skyscrapers. There’s something for everybody!

Art museum

The famous steps from Rocky (which I did finally see a little while ago!)



Kudos to the Saturday morning runners


The paths are very beautiful and green



Lamp library2

Lamp library


Old brick

A lot of the buildings have a very retro, grungy feel, which I’ve learned is very Philadelphia


This is one of my favorite photos because it was a very quiet part of the city with trees and old buildings, so what isn’t to love?


Skyscraper landscape

You can really get a sense of the contrast of new and old buildings here

Eagle statue


Ah, the ever-present construction

So what spot is your favorite in downtown Philly? I’m always looking for new places to photograph, so comment below where I should go next! 🙂

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