Hintersteiner See: Hiking Around the Beautiful Turquoise Lake in Wilder Kaiser



Hintersteiner See in Wilder Kaiser was actually the main reason Matt and I went on our honeymoon in the Austrian Alps! We wanted to honeymoon in a place with mountain lakes, and after looking at some places and comparing flights, we chose to honeymoon near Wilder Kaiser, thanks to Helene in Between’s glowing recommendation- and it did not disappoint!

We stayed in a chalet in Niederbreitenbach during our honeymoon because it was close to Wilder Kaiser and cities like Innsbruck and Munich, and we spent half a day walking around Hintersteiner See. It rained most of the time we were there so it was pretty cloudy, but as you can see, it’s still a beautiful place, even in the rain šŸ™‚

Hiking around Hintersteiner See

Hintersteiner See: Hiking Around the Beautiful Turquoise Lake in Wilder Kaiser, Austria

The path around Hintersteiner See is paved and pretty flat, so it’s an easy hike around it. The lake is fairly large and the path around it is a little more than 5 kilometers, so I would make sure you give yourself a few hours to walk around it and stop for pictures (which I did about every 10 feet- sorry, Matt!).

Pathway around Hintersteiner See

Island on Hintersteiner See

Foggy mountains on Hintersteiner See

Hintersteiner See is a beautiful deep blue and turquoise color, which you can just barely make out in these first photos. The clouds and fog were beautiful and had a cool effect on the mountains, but the color of the lake really brightens up in the sun! If you can see Hintersteiner See on a sunny day instead of when it’s raining, I highly recommend it so you can really see the stunning colors of the lake.

Austrian chalet in Alps

Hike around Hintersteiner See

Dock on Hintersteiner See

Hike around Hintersteiner See

Goats by Hintersteiner See

Goats by Hintersteiner See

Fog over Hintersteiner See

When the clouds started to clear, we could finally see the colors in Hintersteiner See brightening! There are some places where you can get in the water if you want to go swimming, but we tested the water and it was pretty cold! So you might want to wait for a hot sunny day before cooling off in the cold water.

Turquoise lake in Austria

Yellow flowers on Hintersteiner See

Hiking on Hintersteiner See

Cabins on Hintersteiner See

Turquoise lake in Austria

Cabin on green lake in Austria

Chalet in Alps in Austria

Even though it was a rainy, cloudy day in the middle of the week, there were still quite a few people hiking. On the opposite end of the lake, you can stop at a cafe for coffee and food. There wasn’t much seating inside and everything outside was really wet, but thankfully a nice German couple let us sit at their table with them under an awning.

Small chalet in Austria

Alpaca in Austria

We got to see alpacas! They were just wandering around the cafe, and they would let you get pretty close to them. They did start spitting things into the air, so I would warn you not to get too close to them.

Alpacas at Hintersteiner See in Austria

Summer purple flowers on Hintersteiner See

Purple flowers in Austria

Cabin on Hintersteiner See

Fog over Alps on Hintersteiner See

Hintersteiner See in the summer

Hiking on Hintersteiner See

Fog over Alps

Fog over Hintersteiner See

Dock on Hintersteiner See

Foggy mountains on Hintersteiner See

Chalet in Alps in Austria

Blue water on Hintersteiner See

Green water on Hintersteiner See

Turquoise water on Hintersteiner See

Trees along Hintersteiner See

Fog in Austrian Alps

Chalet in Austrian Alps

Chalet in Austrian Alps

Pink flower on Hintersteiner See

Hintersteiner See is one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve seen, and you should visit if you’re in the Wilder Kaiser area! Like I said before, the colors really brighten up in the sun, so I definitely recommend going for a hike on a sunny day šŸ™‚

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  1. This looks like such a beautiful and tranquil destination šŸ™‚ I absolutely love the Alpacas!

  2. Michelle says:

    Julia, your pictures are always so stunning. I just love them. This looks like a beautiful place to relax and recharge. I love that the path around the lake is paved as well!

  3. Sophie says:

    Wow stunning photos ???? Iā€™m not surprised you added it as a honeymoon destination it looks absolutely amazing and very peaceful!

  4. Andi says:

    I lived in Switzerland for 3 years and never got here! It is absolutely gorgeous like the rest of the country. My hubby and I are going back to visit friends and spend some time there, I want to go here!

  5. We fell in love with Austria when we visited it last summer. Iā€™d love to head back there and explore it some more. After reading your detailed post I know now that we will be adding Hintersteiner See in Wilder Kaiser to our list of places to see there. Hiking around the pristine lake is something we would love to experience. Thanks for sharing all these details ā€“ the photographs in the post are incredible!

  6. Megan says:

    Wow! It looks a lot like Switzerland. I loved seeing the alpacas šŸ™‚

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