11 Incredible Places to Visit in Denmark You Need to Explore!



Denmark is my all time favorite country! I may be a little biased because I’ve studied abroad there twice and met my fiance there, but putting all that aside, it’s an amazing country full of history, colorful quaint towns, and delicious pastries. Copenhagen is the main city that people visit when they go to Denmark, and as much as I adore Copenhagen, there are so many more incredible towns to see! And since Denmark is a pretty small country, you can get around all these places pretty easily. So if you’re planning a trip and want to see as much as the country as you can, these are the top 11 places to visit in Denmark! 🙂

Places to visit in Denmark

11 Incredible and Colorful Places to Visit in Denmark You Need to Explore!

Cities in Zealand

Denmark is split up into a few land masses, and Zealand is the largest island and it’s where Copenhagen is located.


Walking street in Copenhagen

So I know I said you should see more than Copenhagen when you visit Denmark, but you do need to go to Copenhagen while you’re there! It’s a gorgeous city with so much to see- just look at all the posts I’ve written about Copenhagen below.

How to get to Copenhagen: The easiest way is to fly in (they have a great airport), but depending on where you’re coming from, you could take a train or bus.

How much time to spend in Copenhagen: I would say a minimum of 3 days to see all the main sights, but if you want a more leisurely trip and go off-the-beaten-path, I would recommend at least a week. 

Posts on Copenhagen:

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Walking street in Copenhagen

Changing of the guard in Copenhagen

Nyhavn in Copenhagen

Stock Exchange building in Copenhagen

Tivoli in Copenhagen

Vesterbro in Copenhagen


Helsingør is right outside Copenhagen, so it’s easy to get to. It’s famous for being the home of Hamlet’s Castle, Kronborg. It’s the castle that inspired Shakespeare for Hamlet, and during the summer, you can actually see productions of Hamlet being performed inside the castle! The town of Helsingør is also great to explore and has beautiful historic buildings.

How to get to Helsingør: It’s a quick train ride from Copenhagen!

How much time to spend in Helsingør: I would recommend a minimum of half a day, but a whole day would be best. 

Posts on Helsingør:

One Day in Helsingør: Hamlet’s Castle, Monasteries, & Colorful Buildings

Downtown Helsingor

Church in Helsingor

Church in Helsingor

Gates of Kronborg

Guide to Kronborg

Courtyard in Kronborg

Hamlet performance in Kronborg

View of Sweden from Kronborg


Esrum is right outside Helsingør, so you can easily get both towns in one day trip. Esrum has Esrum Abbey, the “mother house” abbey in Denmark that was built in the 1100s. It’s one of the few abbeys that mostly survived the Reformation, and you can tour the abbey and check out the museum inside. Plus, you can get a beer and drink it in the garden!

How to get to Esrum: It isn’t easy to get to, so I would drive if you can. 

How much time to spend in Esrum: I would recommend only a few hours to tour the abbey, fields, and gardens and have a beer. 

Posts on Esrum:

One Day in Helsingør: Hamlet’s Castle, Monasteries, & Colorful Buildings

Esrum Abbey in Denmark

Esrum Abbey in Denmark

Esrum Abbey in Denmark

Garden in Esrum Abbey in Denmark  Esrum Abbey in Denmark


Dragør is one of the prettiest villages in Denmark! It’s right outside Copenhagen near the airport, so it’s easy to get to for a day trip. It dates back to the 1100s as a fishing village, and Dutch farmers moved to the area to be farmers for the Danish king so there is a Dutch influence. It’s a great village to stroll around and just take in the sights

How to get to Dragør: You can take the 350S bus from Copenhagen or we took the metro to the airport and the 35 bus from there to Dragør

How much time to spend in Dragør: A few hours to half a day is enough time to see it all. 

Posts on Dragør:

Dragør: The Cutest Danish Fishing Village to Visit for a Day Trip from Copenhagen

Houses in Dragor, Denmark

Straw roof house in Dragor

Bridge from Copenhagen to Sweden  Turquoise water in Denmark

Historic houses in Dragor

Bike in Dragor, Denmark   Straw roof house in Dragor, Denmark

Harbor in Dragor

Cities in Jutland

Jutland is the mainland peninsula that connects Denmark to Germany.


Aarhus the town I stayed in when I studied in Denmark the second time, and I loved it! It’s the second largest city in Denmark, so there’s a lot to see. It’s a little more modern than Copenhagen, but there’s lots of history to explore.

How to get to Aarhus: There is an airport in Aarhus, and you can also take a train from Copenhagen.

How much time to spend in Aarhus: I would recommend at least a day or two, but you could spend more time there if you have it.

Posts on Aarhus:

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Beautiful Beaches in Aarhus and the MoesgĂĽrd Viking Moot You Can’t Miss

Walking street in Aarhus

AROS Museum in Aarhus

Walking street in Aarhus

Walking street in Aarhus

Colorful street Mollestien in Aarhus

Colorful street Mollestien in Aarhus

Den Gamle By in Aarhus

Den Gamle By in Aarhus

Den Gamle By in Aarhus

Beaches in Aarhus

Beaches in Aarhus


I first heard about Silkeborg from Parks and Rec, and I’m so glad I did! It’s a gorgeous town with history, and its museum houses the famous Tollund Man that was found in a bog. Silkeborg also has lots of rivers and nature- it’s called the Outdoor Capital of Denmark. I didn’t take advantage of the waterways, but you can rent boats if you want to get a tour of the rivers. 

How to get to Silkeborg: I took a bus from Aarhus. 

How much time to spend in Silkeborg: I would recommend at least half a day to see the town and museum and longer if you want to rent a boat.

Posts on Silkeborg:

One Day in Silkeborg, Denmark: 3 Sights You Can’t Miss

Downtown Silkeborg

Hotel in Silkeborg

Historic building in Silkeborg

Town hall in Silkeborg

Museum Silkeborg

Vikings at Museum Silkeborg  Riverfront in Silkeborg


Skagen is the northernmost point in Denmark, and it’s known for being the point where two seas meet! It’s a cute beach town, and you can see where the seas crash against each other as well as the largest migrating sand dunes in Northern Europe. 

How to get to Skagen: It’s a few hours drive from Aarhus and there is a bus, but I would recommend renting a car and driving so you can get around town easily.  

How much time to spend in Skagen: With the longer drive, I would recommend a full day to experience Skagen. 

Posts on Skagen:

The Town Where Two Seas Meet: Four Amazing Sights to See in Skagen

Sand dunes in Skagen

Sand dunes in Skagen

Lighthouse in Skagen

Beaches in Skagen

Point where two seas meet in Denmark

Ice cream shop in Skagen

Yellow house in Skagen

Sand covered church in Skagen


A Danish classmate told me about Ebeltoft, and I think insider information is the best! Ebeltoft is such a pretty town, and I had the whole place to myself when I went early on a Sunday morning. There’s also a glass museum and the largest wooden ship in the world you can tour. 

How to get to Ebeltoft: I took a bus from Aarhus. 

How much time to spend in Ebeltoft: I would recommend at least half a day to see the main sights, but it is a big vacation town for Danes so you can spend more time if you want to make a vacation out of it! 

Posts on Ebeltoft:

Ebeltoft, Denmark: Colorful Cobblestone Streets & a Sunny Harbor

Church in Ebeltoft

Downtown Ebeltoft

Downtown Ebeltoft

Blue house in Ebeltoft

Window boxes in Ebeltoft

Half timbered houses in Ebeltoft

Historic ship in Ebeltoft

Ocean view in Ebeltoft


Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark! So it’s obviously rich in history since it dates all the way back to 854. It’s a beautiful town to walk around, and you can visit the museums to learn about all the history of the area.

How to get to Ribe: I was on a class trip so we drove, but you can take buses from Aarhus. 

How much time to spend in Ribe: I would recommend at least half a day to see the town and some more time if you want to check out the museums

Posts on Ribe:

Ribe, Denmark: Visiting the Oldest Town in Denmark and Exploring the Beautiful Walking Streets

Cathedral in Ribe

Historic doors in Ribe

Half timbered houses in Ribe

Downtown Ribe

Walking street in Ribe

Historic building in Ribe

Yellow house in Ribe


Jelling is also packed with history! It’s home to the most famous rune stones, so if you’re interested in Vikings, Jelling is the place you need to visit. 

How to get to Jelling: I also went to Jelling with my class, but you can take pubic transportation from Aarhus. 

How much time to spend in Jelling: It’s a small town so you can see it all and the museum so you only need half a day.

Posts on Jelling:

Jelling, Denmark: Why You Can’t Miss the Home of the Viking Kings & the Famous Jelling Stones

Jelling rune stones in Denmark

Jelling church

Historic Jelling church

Historic Jelling church


Samsø isn’t actually in Jutland because it’s an island between Jutland and Zealand. It’s famous for having renewable energy for the whole island, and there are lots of beautiful half-timbered houses and beaches!

How to get to Samsø: You can take a ferry from either Zealand or Jutland. I would also recommend having a car or a bike to get around the island when you’re there.

How much time to spend in Samsø: I recommend a minimum of two days so you can see a few towns on the island.

Posts on Samsø:

Besser, Samsø: A Quaint Town with a Beautiful Countryside & Beach
Nordby, Samsø: The Best Place to See Half-Timbered Houses in Denmark
Perfect Itinerary for a Relaxing Weekend in Samsø (And How to Learn from My Mistakes!)

Half timbered house in Samsø

Half timbered house in Samsø

Beach in Samsø

Beach in Samsø

Half timbered house in Samsø

Half timbered house in Samsø

Bell tower in Samsø

Denmark is an amazing country, and I hope I’ve convinced you to see more than Copenhagen 🙂 Two places to visit in Denmark that I still need to visit are Odense and Aalborg, so I recommend seeing them if you’re able to!

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